Let Me Go

Let Me Go
2008 - Out of the Box
Lyrics by Dave Mason:

Goin' crazy in the prison cell
My own makin' and my own hell
I'm down on the killing floor
I gotta tell ya I can't take no more

Let me go, before someone's hurt
Let me go, don't drag us through the dirt
Let me go, so that we can mend
Let me go, and maybe we'll be friends

Fast cars, fast girls
you'll need more money than there's, cash to burn
Keep on pretendin' baby, day to day
Its getting worse with every word you say

From the day I laid my eyes on you,
Guess we were loosing from the start,
It seems we're never gonna see this through
So I've gotta tell you darlin', I've gotta tell you true,
Let me go.


You know I love you though we're not the same
There ain't no right or wrong or who's to blame
We want different things and thats OK
Let's make it easy and just walk away


26 Letters - 12 Notes


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