Alone Together

Alone Together
1970 - Blue Thumb Records

Alone Together was the debut solo album by Dave Mason. Performing with Mason was a roster of guest musicians, including Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, Leon Russell, Jim Capaldi, Rita Coolidge, Carl Radle and Jim Gordon. Billboard Magazine (1970) wrote, "Mason with help from friends Jim Capaldi and Leon Russell proves his mastery of the rock idiom once and for all. The lyric content and music content of every song catches the senses of the listener and creates excitement". Bill Shapiro of the Rock and Roll Review (1991) says, Mason's "reputation as a composer, guitarist, and singer of the first rank is both merited and in evidence here".

The song, "Only You Know and I Know", received a good deal of album-oriented rock radio airplay and reached number 42 in the USA, a major commercial success.

The LP record itself was not the traditional black vinyl, about 30% of the albums were a swirled mix of pink, brown and beige.


Alone Together


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Joined: Nov.7.2014 6:25PM

What a classic album! Every song is so good.

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Joined: Oct.13.2013 1:14PM

Purchased when it was originally released I was lucky enough to be one of the 30% who got this on colored vinyl. It's still one of my most prized possesions. Dave was incredible as were all the musicians that sat in on this effort. His first since leaving Traffic and still one of his best. Incredible production, great compositions, stellar arrangements are the things that make every cut on the LP a classic. A necessary must for every record collection.

rtguy53's picture
Joined: Sep.8.2014 7:47PM

I was lucky as well to get the colored vinyl, rpscot. Of course, the music was the real "treat". Hope to get to see Dave next year in Green Bay. Gotta go buy tickets now...


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Joined: Jun.3.2013 5:47PM

Thank you for providing these songs with us. David is one of the most famous and popular singers world-wide. A lot of people are supporting him and me as well. I'm looking forward for more updates about his concert and tour.


onlyyouknowandiknow's picture
Joined: Feb.5.2013 5:44AM

Are any of Dave's albums available in Vinyl? especially "Alone Together"?

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