Its Like You Never Left

Its Like You Never Left
1973 - Colunbia/One Way

Guest appearances by George Harriston (unmistakable slide guitar on "If You've Got Love", Graham Nash (several background vocals), and Stevie Wonder (ear-catching harmonica all the way through the soothing, melodic 'The Lonely One'), plus studio regulars like Lonnie Turner, Carl Radle, Greg Reeves, Rocky and Jim Keltner. Enjoyable from start to finish.

Its Like You Never Left - Entire Album
Its Like You Never Left


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Joined: Nov.7.2014 6:25PM

What a great album. It was one of my favorites when it came out, and it still sounds great today. Odd that the photo of the cover on this web site has a sticker on it that says $1.00. I guess this was from a yard sale? Anyway, this one is a classic.

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Joined: Sep.10.2014 3:51PM

Excellent album - one of his best! I had the great fortune to have the SQ-Quadraphonic version "back in the day." Dave's in top form, it's well recorded, production is excellent, "guest" musicians are superlative, and the songs are great - still holds up 40+ years later.

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Joined: Mar.3.2014 11:06AM

This is a great album.first bought it in London -1974.have it on cd ,my favourite music of Dave's 

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Joined: Jun.3.2013 11:09AM

a great album, all good tracks.

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