Mariposa De Oro

Mariposa De Oro
1978 - Colombia/One Way Records

Several of the tracks on this album were recorded in Mason's home studio, Villa Mariposa, when he resided in Malibu, California.

Mariposa De Oro


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I realize this album is not rated among Dave's most prominent, but for me it's The Album. The funny thing is that I dearly love some songs. But those songs I don't like I find hopeless (sorry Dave). Those I like are: 1) Don't It Make You Wonder 3) All Gotta Go Sometimes 4) Warm Desire 7) Share Your Love 8) Bird On The Wind 9) So Good To Be Home 10) The Words 11) No Doubt About It. I never listen to 2) Searchin' 5) Warm & Tender... 6) Will You Still... On these songs Dave's voice just sound too thick (it's probably just me!). I just want to thank Dave Mason for the great guitar work and fantastic music he made, particularly on Mariposa de Oro. This album just caught me at the right moment I guess (I was 16) and it has followed me through my life. Thanks. :-)

Ole, Copenhagen, Denmark

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