Portrait, late 70's
Dave, "Always on Tour" Tour
Dave early 70's
Dave acoustic portrait
Troubador Show Poster
Alone Together photo shoot-private collection
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Feeing Alright"
Dave performing with Cass Elliot
Portrait, arrive in America
Dave playing Red Rocks when he was with Fleetwood Mac, courtesy of David Vanderberg
Soul Man. Photo courtesy of Trinity Wheeler
Dave, circa 1969
Singing You are Every Woman
California Jam
Dave, early 70's, playing sitar. George Harrison gave Dave his first sitar!
Rare photo of Dave and Jimi Hendrix jammin' together. Courtesy of Private Collectiom.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Kid Rock, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Keith Richards, Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi
Backstage late 70's
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2004
Dave, 1974
Watchtower Magic, 2009
Dave, circa 1972
Dave during Fleetwood Mac days. Courtesy of Rick Saputo
Dave, Japan 2010
Dave Mason Show Poster, seventy something, Long Beach.
Dave performing at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, 2004
Granada Theater, Dallas - 2011
Portrait from Alone Together shoot
courtesy of Steve Gladstone
Iconic image of Dave, early 70s
view from side stage, 80's
Dave and Jim Capaldi having some fun backstage during the 40,000 Headmen Tour.
in the 70's
Dave has always loved to sing and play guitar. photo by Roberto Ganfantini.
Artist rendering Dave and Cass Elliot
Portrait, Mariposa de Oro
Rockin' Rock Hall, 2004
70's era
Portrait of Dave, courtesy of Vince Sebastien, 1970's.
Dave in Lake Tahoe, 2008
Variety Artists studio portrait, circa 1978
Dave on the Cover of Guitar Player Magazine
Dave, 2012.
Dave on stage, circa 1972
Portrait, Ojai 2011

Unencumbered by a commitment to a band in Engand, Mason moved to Los Angeles and joined Delaney & Bonnie & Friends in 1969. He played lead guitar and toured with them opening for Blind Faith. Delaney & Bonnie had a #2 hit with Mason's song "Only You Know and I Know". In 1970 he signed a solo contract with Blue Thumb Records, and began cutting his debut solo album, co-producing it with Tommy LiPuma. "When we got together, and he played me lots of the stuff from the album, the material was just ridiculous," meaning ridiculously good. "He had just bought a 12-string, and he was realy in love with it. The songs were just so strong, forget it. You had to be deaf not to hear it."

The first result of the sessions was a single, "World in Changes", released in April 1970,