Stevie Wonder

Misty Morning Stanger

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We all know that love is a small word
And yet it encompasses all
I'll tell you we live in a small world
So we'd better answer the call

It's hard to explain what I'm feeling
But my soul ain't about to be bought
With a turn of the wheel
I'll he back on the heels
Of a dream I have too long ignored

The passing light of morning light
Unfolds across your face
In a web of gleaming jewels
There hangs a sleeping fool

The sharpness of the morning air
Brings with it, your face to where
Again I miss a chance to glimpse
The misty morning stranger

The guilt that you feel will not heal you
In the universal flow
Just turn yourself, on to yourself
Then the freedom we seek will show

Don't ever doubt what your heart says
When everything 'round you says no
Just the pace of the game
Will drive you insane
So relax and let everything flow

Lyrics author: 
Dave Mason

Dave is joined by legends Leon Russe

The Lonely One

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There've been moments of despair,
Times I could not care
I was the lonely one
Then you showed myself to me
and I found I needn't be
another lonely one

Running in the wilderness and dreaming in the sun
and cryin to the sky at night
for God's eternal son

Through the truth and through the lies
there is really no disguise
to hide the lonely ones.
You can find them on a card
being matched with other hearts
the really lonely ones

Running in the wilderness and dreaming in the sun
and cryin to the sky at night
for God's eternal son.
Inside your rooms, behind your walls
I see your face,
you know I hear your calls.
Is this some madness that's been left unchecked
Or will there always be just promises?

There are men who hold the keys
to set everybody free
but they are lonely ones.
And if the day should come
when they all can work as one
there'll be a destiny.

Dave is joined by legend  Stevie Wonder on harmonica on this track.

The Lonely One

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Extremely rare 7" vinyl record released out of the Nethelands.

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