Show Me Some Affection

Show Me Some Affection
1976 - Columbia Records
Lyrics by Dave Mason:

To some I am a blessing
To others I'm a curse
I'm a writer not a fighter
I'm a person not a verse
I may be just an easy touch
And taken for a whore
But I just came to leave
A little loving at your door

Ooooh, show me some affection
Ooooh, give me some direction
Ooooh, you know you're my connection

Just a jet-age gypsy
Lookin' for a gypsy queen
I sometimes think I'm on the brink
Of knowing what I mean
Cities come and cities go
And still I cannot find
A place to call a home
When there's a woman on my mind


If hanging out with you
Was spent by hanging in
I'd still be out of time, with time
Just waiting to begin
I have no preconceived ideas
Of how things have to be
I'll just take life as it comes
And hope that it takes me

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Certified Live


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