Harmony and Melody

Harmony and Melody
Dave Mason
1974 - Columbia Records
Lyrics by Dave Mason:

When you're gone from me 
I can't take it 
I'm a drift at sea 
With my sails torn 
You have set me free 
With your good lovin' 
You're a sheltered calm 
In a raging storm 

I have played the fool 
For no reason 
I have fallen down 
Many times before 
Looked for something new 
To believe in 
But without your love 
I'd be lost for sure 

When all your dreams are gone 
And you feel that you can't carry on 
Just remember you're a child of 
The harmony and the melody of love 

When the magic goes away 
And you feel that love has had its day 
You may think that you search in vein 
But the harmony and the melody still remains 

Dave Mason


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