Future's Past Pre-Release &

Free Download of Live at Belmont Park 1978

Get Future's Past before the official release in May. Exclusive to you, the fans, is this pre release of Future's Past, a marriage of rerecorded classics and new originals. Your album purchase will include a physical copy of the CD or LP, a digital download of the album, available at purchase, as well as a bonus digital download of Dave Mason Live at Belmont Park 1978, exclusive to this pre release.
Track samples:
1. Dear Mr. Fantasy
2. World in Changes
3. You Can All Join In
4. As Sad And Deep As You
5. Good 2 U
6. El Toro (Spanish Blues)
7. Come On In My Kitchen
8. How Do I Get To Heaven
9. That's Freedom

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Produced: Dave Mason (BARHAM PRODUCTIONS INC.)

Recording Engineers: Matt Linesch, Ken Eros. T.J. Russell

Mixing: Matt Linesch.

Art Work: Chris Jensen

Cover: Graham Nash



Alvino Bennett; Trks: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9.

Ken Eros; Trks. 7.

T.J. Russell  Trks. 1, 2

Tal Bergman Trks.  6



George Hawkins: Trks. 8

Gerald Johnson: Trks. 1, 9

Alex Drizos: Trks. 7

Tony Patler: Trks. 3

D. Mason: Trks. 2

Renato Neto:  Trks. 6

Bill Reynolds: Trks. 4

Carmine Rohas. Trks.  5



Warren Hill: Trks. 6


Lead Guitars.

D. Mason. Trks. 1, 6, 7, 9.

Jason Roller. Trks.  3, 4, 5, 8

Joe Bonamassa Trks. 1


Elec. Guitars.

D. Mason Trks. 2, 9

Johnathan McQuen. Trks.  1,


Acoustic Guitar.

D.Mason Trks. 3, 4, 7, 8

Johnathan McQuen Trks. 1, 6.



Tony Patler. Trks. 3, 8,

Renato Neto. Trks. 6

Mike  Finnegan Trks. 5

Bill Mason. Trks.  4, 9.



Bob Corritore: Trks. 7

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