World in Changes

World in Changes
Future's Past
2014 - Dave Mason
Lyrics by Dave Mason:

Things could be lazy
If they weren't so crazy
And I wasn't following you
Running in circles
Won't find me no purpose
It's right here with you and what I do

Changes of season
Aren't nearly as pleasing
As watching the changes in you
Turn for in new day
In search of a new way
But are you sure that it will do

World in changes still going through
I've got a lot to learn about you
World in changes still coming through
You've got a lot to learn about me too
You've got a lot to learn about me too

I said the world nearly see
What you really mean to me
I'll tell the truth cause I can't pretend
Find yourself a real friend
And then you nearly reach the end
Of all of this runnin' round we do



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