World In Changes

World In Changes
1972 - Blue Thumb Records

Recorded live at the Troubador in Los Angeles.

Dave Mason (Lead Guitar), Dave Mason (Vocals), Mark (T.) Jordan (Keyboards), Lonnie Turner (Bass), (Dr.) Rick Jaeger (Drums), Felix (Flaco) Falcon(Congas), Felix (Flaco) Falcon (Percussion), Tommy LiPuma (Produced By), Dave Mason (Produced By), Al Schmitt (Recording Engineer), Al Schmitt (Mixing Engineer), Wally Heider (Remote Recording Facilities Furnished By), Miles/Myles Weiner/Wiener (Remote Recording Facilities Furnished By), Terry Stark(Remote Recording Facilities Furnished By), Chris Chigaridas (Remote Recording Facilities Furnished By)

Lyrics by Dave Mason:

Things could be lazy
If they weren’t so crazy
I wasn’t following you
Running in circles won’t find me no purpose
It’s right here with you and what I do

Changes of season, are nearly as pleasin’
As watchin' the changes in you
Time for a new day in search of a new way
But are you sure that it will do

World in changes still going through
I’ve got a lot to learn about you
World in changes still going through
You’ve got a lot to learn about me too
You’ve got a lot to learn about me too

I said well, let's see
What you really mean to me
I'll tell the truth
‘Cause I can’t pretend
Find yourself a real friend
Then you nearly reached the end
Of all of this runnin’ ‘round we do

(Repeat Chorus)

World in changes
World in changes



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