Dave Mason's Unplugged Tour Hits the Road...

Dave begins his intimate Unplugged tour this week. Accompanying him will be Jonathan McEuen and Alvino M. Bennett. Be sure to catch this special show.

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Joined: Jul.13.2013 8:32AM

Fantastic set at Bearsville last night. Each song brought cheers from the crowd, which was swinging and swaying. Us 60's 60 year olds got a real work out, singing along.  New stuff got as loud a reception as the well familiar.  Jason Roller on lead put down some real fine licks.

tour title a bit misleading - 'unplugged' and accoustic - don't expect slow and quiet - it was spectacular.

Don't miss this tour.

Santa25's picture
Joined: May.6.2013 4:30PM

Another great show in Ocean City NJ.  It was great to say hello to dave and get a 8X10 color photo autographed.

Thanks Dave

felicia57's picture
Joined: May.12.2013 6:00AM

What a wonderful evening in Central City, Colorado 4/27/13. I'm looking forward to the show at The Swallow Hill Music Hall 6/28/13. Thanks for the music throgh all thse years.


jimia7's picture
Joined: Mar.18.2013 10:31AM

Great show at Kent Stage last night! It was great to see you after all these years! Music and band were great!

Albow224's picture
Joined: Apr.13.2013 4:05AM

GREAT SHOW in Harrisburg, PA. last night!!  Still singing the tunes this morning. Thank you!


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