Vagabond Virgin

Vagabond Virgin
1972 - Island Records

Originally appeared on Traffic's 2nd album, and again on Traffic's 1991 album, Smiling Phases. It also appears on Steve Winwood's solo album in 1991. Dave on lead vocal and acoustic guitar, Jim Capaldi on Drums and lead vocal, Steve Winwood on Piano and Bass Guitar, and Chris Wood on Flute.


Lyrics by Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi:

Tell me how you want me to be
Then look again and you will see
That I'm still the same love

Think me into any shape
Your twisted mind has no escape
But don't be ashamed love
It's just a game love
You can learn how to play

Born like you were in a terrible mess
Didn't know what it was to have a new dress
You just wanted to scream out my name
Till somebody said let me take you to bed
And with money and lies they filled up your head

You were barely thirteen
A child from the villages
So fresh on the scene



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